The Best Download Manager for Android in 2020: Download Easily

  • Post published:March 15, 2020

Best Download Manager for Android in 2020: Suppose you are downloading a large file through your browser download manager: Waiting for completing the large file but abruptly download manager failed at 99%. Ahhh! How will you feel now! Obviously, It will be the worst experience. This will force you to restart the whole process. If you are using an uncertain network, definitely you have the circumstances.

For the complication described above, We designed a list of Best Download Manager for Android in 2020. Those best download manager will cooperate with you to solve the issue with additional features.

Best Download Manager for Android in 2020

1. Advanced Download Manager

Best Download Manager for Android in 2020

First up of the list of Best Download Manager for Android in 2020 is Advanced Download Manager. You can download up to three files simultaneously which gives a great advantage. It accelerates your download downloading by using multithreading (9 parts). Including those, all other features that need for completing as a download manager are included. It can be integrated with all available browsers like chrome, firefox, as well.

2. Download Manager for Android

Download Manager for Android in 2020

The second of the best download manager for android is Download Manager for Android. This gives you three times faster download experience compared to and any other download manager. The user interface is mindblowing in one word. It also supports HTML5 and video streaming services. This Download Manager enables you to find and share funny videos, status videos, trending videos, and so forth.

3. GetThemAll Any File Downloader

Best Download Manager for Android in 2020

Looking for the downloadable file for a page is harder for some pages. GetThemAll will assist you with this complication. Just go to a page then GetThemAll will look for any downloadable file or link available then represent you those files or links.

This app will give you the advantage of sending the file to your google drive or your PC. Including the above features, all other downloading features are available.

4. IDM: Free Video, Movie, Music & Torrent downloader

Best Download Manager for Android in 2020

Up to 500% faster(5 times) than other regular download managers. The best thing about this app is that it does not slow down your battery life, If nothing to down, simply disabled.

This app supports up to 32 parts to speed up downloads, grade Error handling, Upto 10 simultaneous downloads and many more.

5. Loader Droid download manager

Best Download Manager for Android in 2020

Although very poor designed It has all the features to be as a Download Manager. Resumeable download, paused when lost connection. schedule download, download any large file, etc are the features of this application. But it is not updated since 2016, so think before installing this app.

6. IDM Download Manager

Best Download Manager for Android in 2020

IDM Download Manager is another Download manager for Android, though IDM looks similar in name.

This download manager also offers 500% faster(5 times) speed. But from those two options, we suggest installing the first one.

7. Download Accelerator Plus

Best Download Manager for Android in 2020

Download Accelerator Plus is one of the best download managers for android in 2020. Directly download files to your SD card, doodle to use and manage downloads. This app also supports many android browsers like chrome, firefox, etc, pause and start feature, schedule download features, etc.


We have listed top seven Download managers for Android in 2020. Our list is according to the number of downloads and ratings of that specific application. With those two factors, We also take some tips from experts. Our expert team always try to update our content so that the user can get the best result through our content.

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