InstaLooker Review: Access to a Private Instagram Profile?

  • Post published:June 21, 2020

InstaLooker is an online-based application, claims that they will give the access of a private Instagram profile including followers, email or phone number, and photos. That is, it hacks the Instagram security system or Facebook security system(as Instagram is a service of Facebook). We will dig into the fact that Can we view a private Instagram profile without following him/her using instalooker, How can we view a private Instagram in 2020, or is it really possible? Then we will discuss Instalooker review, and is InstaLooker legit or safe for us?

What is InstaLooker?

InstaLooker Review: Access to a Private Instagram Profile?

Instagram gives a Private Account facility for the person who feels insecure to make their account public. We have no problem with that, This functionality makes us advanced using Instagram(similar to Facebook Profile Lock). But sometimes we crave to access that account without following them, after searching on the internet we come to InstaLooker, That gives us the facility to access those accounts. It claims that you can see a private Instagram profile without following them, or gives the advantage of viewing all the followers, photos, or even his/her contact details(e.g. email, phone number).

How does InstaLooker Works?

Let’s go through the main process of the functionality

  • First, you have to select the victim, which is an Instagram private account.
  • Copy the username of that private account
  • Now, go to the InstaLooker web app(e.g website of Instalooker) from browsers like chrome.
  • Paste the username to it.
  • Click Check Account
  • At last, do some formalities, and get access

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InstaLooker Review: is it legit?

The section before, the procedure of the Instalooker, might make your face satisfied. Wait, here comes the scrutiny of this so-called cool website. After clicking the Check Account button you will have to wait for sometimes for cracking the Instagram security or that account. Ok, let them do their job. While it finished that, you get the access!!!

But wait, I am asked to click a link for every single photo, yea that is not a big deal. The problem arises after clicking the link, I get stuck in a vicious circle. They want to give me an iPhone 11 pro!!! Oh yes, actually they want me to fill a form to get a chance of iPhone 11 pro! Here you may also get a chance to go to March!!!

All those offers are actually some kind of CPA or Affiliate program. They actually gather traffic to promoting those offers, and make some money, or spamming. InstaLooker spread the rumor that they are able to give access to a private Instagram account for getting traffic.

Is it secure to Browse or is it safe?

No, It is not safe. The reasons why is is not safe or secure are-

  • This website has no HTTPS SSL certificate, it uses HTTP protocol that is never be told as a secure website.
  • InstaLooker uses third party CPA offers where might have malware that is not safe for your device.
  • Because this website is spamming, there may have malware to it’s own website.

Can I view a private Instagram profile without following him/her?

No, You will not be abled to access any private Instagram unless you follow him. Many websites like InstaLooker clams that they will give the advantage. Admittedly, those websites will present there website in some blogs, or videos in such a way that you can think that “I got it!!”. But belive me you must get stuck in so called vicious cycle. So, think twice before taking a tour to those website.


We cover details about Instalooker website. We try to gives all the answers that arises questions about it including what it is, how it works, most importantly is it really works or not. Farther if you have any query about this post, please feel free to ask in comment section.

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