The Best Browser Games in 2020 for free: Most People loves

  • Post published:March 15, 2020

Every day we are killing times. But the matter of fact is how we are killing- either with a good thing or with a bad thing. Playing games might be both of them. Obviously, you want the good one because of being here. For the GOOD one, we are going to present The Best Browser Games in 2020.

Browser games will give you a fun time by getting rid of the hassle of install, load time in your PC or mobile. So, Either in office or class, you can play games in your very known browser.

Here we listed the top 10 best browser games in 2020 for free.

The Best Browser Games in 2020 for free

1. Apple Worm


First of our list of Best Browser Games in 2020 for free is Apple Worm. A Worm wants to eat Apple. Your goal will be to help the Worm and safely return to his hole. This is a classic type puzzle game. If you have some knowledge about problem-solving you may have a try with this game.

This game might seem to be easy but some tricks need to be applied. Can you help the Worm to eat the apple in all 30 levels?

Try Apple Worm



You might have played the snake game in Nokia. The old snack game will make everyone nostalgic. This game is a little bit similar to the snake game but more advanced to that one. Here you may play online or with a bot. Many snakes will appear but the rule is not to a collision. If a collision occurs, ‘game over’ comes.

Android version is available in the play store.


3. Pokémon Showdown

thetechtorch- browser-game-in-2020

This battle game is loved by mostly adolescents and children.  It is very similar to the pokemon game where you need not wait for level up. Just run into the battlefield.

Both the Custom team and the randomly selected one are available. The fan base of this game is huge.

Try Pokémon Showdown

4. Tequila Zombies 3

thetechtorch- browser-game-in-2020

The zombie game! You need to kick the asses of the zombie and drink tequila. The most interesting thing about this game is its sound effect. With keyboard and mouse control you can spend a very fun and adventure time.

This game is a product of armorgames

Try Tequila Zombies 3

5. Street Skater

thetechtorch- browser-game-in-2020

This is also a product of armorgames.

A skating game. When I started my first play, I spent around one hour. This is a very simple game but addicted compared to its simplicity. You will become obstinate for breaking your highest score.

Try Street Skater

6. DarkOrbit Reloaded

thetechtorch- browser-game-in-2020

If you have a crush with adventure games, obviously DarkOrbit Reloaded will be your first choice. As a starship captain, you need to play. Its graphics and sound quality is mindblowing. You can play with your friends and family. You may select to play as merchants or space-pirates as per your wish.

Try DarkOrbit Reloaded


thetechtorch- browser-game-in-2020

“Draw a picture -> Guess the name -> Win the game”- This is the main theme of this game. This is not a hackneyed game. The winning of this game depends on how fast you can think before completing the actual picture.


8. AdventureQuest


Its name implies that it is an adventure game. A single-player game where you can choose a character. Your fighting technique has multiple options such as ninja, wizard, fighter, rogue, or paladin. You will have to fight against monsters.

Try  AdventureQuest

9. Frogger Classic


The old school game. The world faces first this game in 1981. Your role is as a frog and the goal will be to cross a road and a river. In road and river, there will have many obstacles like cars, tracks, etc.

This game might seem easy. But after completing some levels you should think about your word.

Graphics of this game makes this game in position nine in Best Browser Games in 2020

Try Frogger Classic

10. Blast Arena


First of our list of Best Browser Games in 2020 for free is Blast Arena. But don’t think it’s like the worst game. The fan base of this game is over millions.

Think you are a bomb planner, Your job is to plan bomb in such a way that you break wall and collect items. Wall might have items or threats. The threat will kill you. Your goal is to collect the maximum number of items without dying.

Try Blast Arena


We have covered here best browser games in 2020 for free. According to Alexa ranking, we tried to make this list. We have compared according to other parameters such as similarweb, SEMrush, etc. That’s why anyone can make sure that those games will be loved by most of the gamers.





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